Case Study

US Embassy Ottawa Official Event


U.S. Ambassador David L Cohen contracted ESM Productions to design and execute his new administration’s first post-COVID and flagship event to celebrate the Fourth of July.


Our team handled all aspects of production including design, site planning, talent acquisition, restaurant logistics, audio, tenting and more. The event was hosted at Lornaso, the official ambassador's residence with 13 acres of green space for a large-scale event.


The ESM Production event was a success which welcomed 2,000 guests and highlighted the cultural and culinary features of Ottawa and the ambassador's hometown of Philadelphia. The event featured 17 local Ottawa and Philadelphia restaurants including Original Pat’s King of Steaks and was headlined with a musical performance by Philadelphia’s own Kathy Sledge.

ESM Productions returned to Ottawa to produce the 2023 4th of July celebrations. With increased attendee numbers, the Embassy's 4th of July celebrations are becoming a highly anticipated events among the locals with plenty of food and entertainment that can be enjoyed by groups of all ages.

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